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A minty scented lip balm, perfect to smooth, nourish and keep those lips tingly minty + smoochy!

A vegan blend of nut., fruit + flower oils, waxes and vitamins, scented with pure peppermint essential oil, natural mica colour.

Perfect to pop in your bag, or your pocket for a pep up!


Bonus treat: Perfect also as a dry skin salve, on hands, elbows, heels…


What’s in it?: Coconut oil, candellila wax, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, mint essential oil, mica tint green *NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WITH NUT ALLERGIES


15g 52 oz, 38mm diam, 15mm high In reusable metal tin

Made in Australia

Bon Lux Lip Balm - Mint Lips

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